mango solar UG

The aim of mango solar is to bring clean energy to previously unreachable areas of the world by means of digitalization. The start-up develops long-lasting Plug & Play solar systems for self-sufficient power supply and combines them with robust smartphones to provide customers with access to the online world and specially developed services. These include flexible financing, digital earning opportunities, and access to telemedicine and e-learning through partner apps. mango solar has the vision to improve the living conditions of millions of people with access to electricity and digitalization.

The founding team of mango solar got to know each other during their master’s degree at HNU. In the course of several joint projects, in addition to good friendship, the idea arose to embark on the path to self-employment together. After more than 2 years of market analysis, organizational development and product development, mango solar was founded in 2020. After the first target market In Kenya, the start-up plans to expand in East and West Africa, but also to enter the European market in the medium to long term.

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