Mazi Mobility Ltd.

Mazi is a Kenyan Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) company that is redefining mobility by implementing an electric vehicle ecosystem in Africa. We offer 99% uptime for battery replacement across Nairobi for the convenience of customers. Identify the nearest exchange stations with a tap on our app. We charge a per day/month ownership fee based on your initial deposit, just like a regular bike.

Our company targets buses and minivans that transport 70% of Nairobi’s population. By incorporating an environmental dimension into the business model, we are converting fossil-fueled engines to electric, creating a net reduction in the carbon footprint of our exponentially growing population. In Nairobi, the cost of electricity has long been much cheaper than diesel, proving the viability of EVs. Our company plays at the intersection of environmental sustainability and profit. Our mission is to provide efficient, affordable and clean transportation for all in every city and country on the continent.