ME Energy-Liquid Electricity GmbH

ME Energy develops and operates a new generation of charging stations for electric vehicles that enable fast charging anytime, anywhere, without being connected to the grid – thus also opening up rural regions.

The ME Charge charging column draws its energy from biofuel, which is converted into electricity by a fuel cell inside the column. This will make it possible to set up and operate the column completely independently of existing infrastructure. The connection to the medium-voltage grid is no longer necessary.

The systems are delivered and installed with a small truck. If it turns out that a station is not being used enough, it can also quickly move to a higher frequency location. Especially for rural regions, it is therefore possible to test the ideal location. There is also a lot of flexibility in seasonal fluctuations. In summer, the fast-charging station can be located near a popular bathing lake and in winter at the ski slope or at the Christmas market.

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