Mobil­i­ty for Africa

Mobil­i­ty for Africa aims to pro­vide women and their fam­i­lies with solar-elec­tric trans­porta­tion solu­tions that are afford­able, effi­cient, and suit­able for urban and rur­al areas in sub-Saha­ran Africa. With suit­able means of trans­port, women can save time when sell­ing their goods at the mar­ket, vis­it­ing clin­ics, fetch­ing water or tak­ing their chil­dren to school. The project also improves the eco­nom­ic con­di­tions for bet­ter liveli­hoods and pro­vides more peo­ple with access to clean ener­gy for trans­porta­tion, there­by reduc­ing car­bon emissions.