Muku­ru Stoves

Muku­ru Clean Stoves is a social enter­prise that designs, pro­duces and dis­trib­utes improved, reli­able and afford­able cook stoves for low income house­holds. Our cook stoves are made using local­ly sourced recy­cled waste met­al. This reduces pro­duc­tion costs and makes the prod­ucts afford­able for our tar­get market.

Burn­ing sol­id fuels such as wood, char­coal and agri­cul­tur­al waste in open fires and tra­di­tion­al stoves expos­es fam­i­lies to air pol­lu­tion lev­els as much as 50 times greater than the World Health Orga­ni­za­tion guide­lines for clean air. Clean cook stoves decrease fuel con­sump­tion by 30–60%, reduces tox­ic smoke emis­sions by 50–90% and low­ers the risk of burns in chil­dren under 5 years by 40%.

‘Muku­ru’ is the third largest slum-dwelling in Kenya, the zeal and tenac­i­ty of women liv­ing here inspired our com­pa­ny name.