NetzFleX UG

NetzFlex brings ICT and power electronics together. Our storage and blockchain solution brings the energy transition to the people. We want more transparency and flexibility for 100% renewables. With patented storage technology and proprietary BC gateways, we are building an EMS platform for EVu’s to enable system services in the low-voltage grid. We make electricity customers prosumer flexibility for low-cost electricity.

What is the special thing about your product? Our memory also works without PV. We are the only ones who are allowed to install a storage system without a generation system for exclusive control by a RU in households (patent D 10 2015 109 113). Keep it simple, is our approach. Plug and play + 1-phase + Second Life cells + slim power electronics + mass production = cheap. We want to reach the mass market and make residents in apartment buildings more flexible with our storage facilities. Integrating a swarm of flexion into balance sheet management via our white label platform is our idea. So that EVU’s can work in the low-voltage grid until the last customer, in order to prevent hot spots from developing. We inspire electricity customers with intelligent trade fair facilities, as we create added value to the customer’s smart meter with controllable flexibility.

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