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The core idea behind the Next2Sun system concept is the vertical installation of special solar modules that can exploit the solar radiation from both sides (“bifacial” modules). The two sides of the module are facing east and west respectively. As a result, electricity is produced, especially in the morning or evening. The areas between the module rows can continue to be used for agriculture and emerging flowering strips offer space especially for the endangered insect world and many bird species. Variable row spaces of at least 8 meters continue to enable a wide range of agricultural usage concepts.

The careful use of the resource soil leads to a high acceptance. Due to the linear structures and the low degree of superstructure, high-quality old grass areas are created, in which specific habitat structures can also be established. In addition to agricultural use, the large gaps in the series also offer scope for agri-environmental measures or compensatory measures.

The frame system is a solid steel structure, which consists of two posts and three bars, each carrying two bifacial glass-glass modules arranged on top of each other. The total height of the frame can be flexibly modified and is therefore about 3 metres above ground. The frame design is designed for simple and flexible mounting as well as a long durability. Together with the glass-glass solar modules used, the overall system has a very long service life. The system is designed for high static requirements, especially from wind loads. Project-specific adaptations allow use at almost any location worldwide.

The subsidiary Next2Sun Projekt GmbH, which was founded in 2021, takes over the development of AgriPV projects in Germany as an independent unit. Next2Sun Mounting Systems GmbH offers the frame system developed by Next2Sun for vertical bifacial AgriPV systems to national and international customers and distributes the bifacial solar fence based on Next2Sun technology.

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