NopeaRide is Africa’s first all-elec­tric taxi com­pa­ny and deliv­ery ser­vice (Nopea Xpress). NopeaRide has a large fleet of elec­tric vehi­cles with as many charg­ing sta­tions in the Kenyan cap­i­tal. Dri­vers and cus­tomers con­nect via a plat­form from a mobile application.

Accord­ing to Infra­Co Africa, Africa’s met­ro­pol­i­tan areas are expect­ed to be home to an addi­tion­al 950 mil­lion peo­ple by 2050. Against the back­drop of such rapid urban growth, com­bined with lim­it­ed pub­lic trans­port and the depen­dence of trans­port vehi­cles on fos­sil fuels, traf­fic con­ges­tion is expect­ed to increase and wors­en air qual­i­ty in Africa’s major cities.

There­fore, it is nec­es­sary to invest in more envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly mobil­i­ty solu­tions such as NopeaRide. The elec­tric vehi­cles and charg­ing sta­tions not only reduce CO2 emis­sions, but also low­er the oper­at­ing and main­te­nance costs of the fleet com­pared to taxis with com­bus­tion engines. Accord­ing to Infra­Co Africa, these sav­ings are reflect­ed in Eko­Rent Africa’s rev­enues, which are 30–50% high­er than tra­di­tion­al taxis.