Peaq Technology GmbH

Peaq is a spin-off of Advanced Blockchain AG, dedicated to building, offering and extending baselayer blockchain technology. peaq’s blockchain is based on directed acyclic graphs (DAGs), which are a special type of distributed ledger technology. DAGs offer improvements in speed and scalability compared to traditional blockchains while offering reduced transaction costs. peaq used this technology as inspiration for the product DAGchain(R), a blockchain that contains features of DAGs.

The DAGchain(R) represents more than three years of research and development conducted by and in collaboration with a variety of blockchain industry veterans. The DAGchain(R) provides a high level of scalability, security, consistency and decentralization to projects that use it. Peaq offers this blockchain platform infrastructure to companies looking to develop innovative and advanced blockchain products. Peaq also offers a variety of custom blockchain-based products for companies in the automotive, telecommunications and machinery industries. More recently, peaq access control was introduced, the first authorization and access control system that enables cross-system access control management via the blockchain.

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