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We develop, produce and distribute NATIONAL and international PCM hybrid storage. These are state-of-the-art heat storage systems that can store thermal energy directly, with little loss, in many repeat cycles and different temperature ranges. Currently, temperature ranges from -22°C to +84°C can be used.

Latent heat storage systems use the phase change e.B. from solid to liquid of a phase change material (PCM-Phase Change Material) and therefore store heat at a constant melting temperature, one speaks of “hidden” (latent) heat.

The classification of the currently available/used PCM with melting temperatures up to 84°C is divided into organic PCM (paraffins, fatty acids, esters) and inorganic PCM (salt hydrates).

Hybrid storage, in the temperature range up to 100°C, combine the advantage of water fluid as a sensitive storage medium with the dominant advantages of latent storage media in specially shaped macro encapsulations.

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