Peec Energy

Peec REM is a remote monitoring and metering system for solar mini-grids that allows utilities to control and monitor equipment and power consumption. Philip Kyeswa, a development engineer, and his co-founders developed Peec REM to fill a major gap in a rapidly growing industry.

While solar mini-grids are ideal for multi-family dwellings in remote areas that do not have access to the grid, a major barrier to entry into the solar industry is managing the sale of electricity to users and remote monitoring of the grid.

Continuous electricity supply is associated with improved education, employability, sustainable income, and wealth creation. With the increasing use of renewable energy in sub-Saharan Africa, monitoring, metering and payment systems that meet local needs are increasingly in demand.

Peec REM transmits real-time data, and in emergencies, a utility can respond immediately to power outages or tampering. The meters are sold to mini-grid developers and operators who need to connect households to their systems and sell electricity to consumers in a safe and reliable manner. Peec REM is then maintained by Kyeswa and its team under a monthly subscription model.

The system has been tested by 23 mini-network operators across Uganda, and Kyeswa and his team are now preparing to expand their market presence.