Peec Ener­gy

Peec REM is a remote mon­i­tor­ing and meter­ing sys­tem for solar mini-grids that allows util­i­ties to con­trol and mon­i­tor equip­ment and pow­er con­sump­tion. Philip Kyeswa, a devel­op­ment engi­neer, and his co-founders devel­oped Peec REM to fill a major gap in a rapid­ly grow­ing industry.

While solar mini-grids are ide­al for mul­ti-fam­i­ly dwellings in remote areas that do not have access to the grid, a major bar­ri­er to entry into the solar indus­try is man­ag­ing the sale of elec­tric­i­ty to users and remote mon­i­tor­ing of the grid.

Con­tin­u­ous elec­tric­i­ty sup­ply is asso­ci­at­ed with improved edu­ca­tion, employ­a­bil­i­ty, sus­tain­able income, and wealth cre­ation. With the increas­ing use of renew­able ener­gy in sub-Saha­ran Africa, mon­i­tor­ing, meter­ing and pay­ment sys­tems that meet local needs are increas­ing­ly in demand.

Peec REM trans­mits real-time data, and in emer­gen­cies, a util­i­ty can respond imme­di­ate­ly to pow­er out­ages or tam­per­ing. The meters are sold to mini-grid devel­op­ers and oper­a­tors who need to con­nect house­holds to their sys­tems and sell elec­tric­i­ty to con­sumers in a safe and reli­able man­ner. Peec REM is then main­tained by Kyeswa and its team under a month­ly sub­scrip­tion model.

The sys­tem has been test­ed by 23 mini-net­work oper­a­tors across Ugan­da, and Kyeswa and his team are now prepar­ing to expand their mar­ket presence.