perto GmbH

We want to end energy waste and bring high efficiency to every building. For this purpose, we offer an all-round service so that property owners can take care of their real task: the management of their property.

All-round service is provided when recognised engineering knowledge meets solid craftsmanship and organisational talent. That’s why we combine modern measurement and control technology with cross-trade installation and digital project management. Real data ensures guaranteed effectiveness and standards provide reasonable costs. This leads to individual and scalable solutions at the same time.

The focus is on the simple and transparent exchange of inefficient electrical appliances (e.B. heating pumps) using image recognition software – standardized and scalable with all-round service, including installation and funding application at a fixed price – simply and transparently. The savings potentials are identified by a self-learning algorithm and outdated pumps are replaced by highly efficient, smart pumps. Smart pumps are equipped with intelligent measurement technology and are connected to an IoT platform. With the help of these smart pumps, we can digitize the distribution and consumption of the entire heat energy in buildings.

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