PLEV Technologies GmbH (Steereon)

PLEV Technologies GmbH is a spin-off of TH-Cologne, which has the vision to actively and sustainably shape the urban mobility of the future by means of specially designed and innovative Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEV). STEEREON is the first Personal Light Electric Vehicle from PLEV Technologies GmbH and has been available since July 2020.

The C-Class was introduced in February 2021: the STEEREON C20 and C25 models are a hybrid of e-bike and e-scooter. The ultra-compact two-wheelers fit easily into the trunk and are available in more than 30 colours.

With a patented suspension system (#carvingonthestreet), a powerful motor, long range and low weight, STEEREON is the alternative to getting from B to A. In addition, STEEREON combines modern design & high quality with everyday suitability & outstanding driving pleasure. On top of that, you can even drive it on public roads.

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