Power-Blox AG

Power-Blox is an award-winning Swiss company that develops, manufactures and distributes intelligent swarm electrification solutions. It has developed a groundbreaking, disruptive technology that, supported by an algorithm, allows the construction of a swarm network with decentralized architecture and no central control (i.e. master/slave principle). This enables automated and decentralized power control and storage within the network. We call it “the Internet of Energy” because it follows the principles of the Arpanet. The system is self-learning and self-regulating; it intelligently and autonomously regulates the generation, storage and distribution of electricity in the network. In addition, it allows the simple combination of different energy sources and battery systems without the need for configuration. Our PBX 200 series is a response to the challenges of rural and off-grid electrification.

Power-Blox has already won several awards (Axpo Energy Award 2014, UN National Energy Globe Award of Tanzania 2015). The almost endless scalability of the Power-Blox system represents a breakthrough in energy technology. It enables scalable growth based on increasing energy demand without changing/replacing existing installations.

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