Raino Tech4Impact

Raino Tech4Impact is a social enterprise that uses technology to strengthen the African value chain. We use technology-enabled solutions in agriculture to increase productivity and efficiency.

Agriculture accounts for 80% of the East African Community’s GDP. We are leveraging both existing and innovative technologies in subsectors such as fisheries and aquaculture to help producers and traders manage post-harvest losses, improve quality assurance, and facilitate market access.

The agricultural sector is dominated by smallholder mixed farms that raise livestock, food crops, crops, fisheries, and aquaculture. Our main focus is on livestock, fisheries and aquaculture. We have introduced new sustainable practices such as off-grid cold chain solutions and cold chain logistics based on a common service model to reduce costs and lower barriers to entry.

In the blue economy, aquaculture offers the opportunity to increase fish production and indirectly reduce pressure on inland lake fish stocks, which are declining and dominated by juvenile fish. The decline is due in part to rapid human population growth and fast-growing regional and international demand for fish.