Revive Earth

Eze, an electrical engineering graduate from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, helped build Nigeria’s first electric car in 2019. But rather than rest there, he started the green energy company Revive Earth in 2021 to electrify existing vehicles.

By using electric vehicles, we make a significant positive impact on climate change, and you can be part of this too. Vehicles that cost 67% less to operate, 90% less to maintain; ensuring greater profitability, convenient and effective drive for everyone

Smart Technology: Our vehicles incorporate smart technologies for driver and road safety, such as wireless battery monitor, and GPS connectivity in demand. The regenerative braking system maximizes vehicle momentum to send power back to the battery instead of wasting it as heat in the brake pads.

Indigenous Technology: We have a resilient team that is well versed in the area of electric mobility and is obsessed with changing the status quo of our clime using technology.