Solar E-Cycles Kenya Ltd.

We bring together solar energy, e-mobility and the Internet to provide solutions that create jobs and increase productivity while protecting the environment.

The so-called Solar-E-Cycles produce their own electricity with sunlight and offer the rider a comparatively fast and comfortable means of transport thanks to the E-push. The bikes are to be used primarily in more remote regions where public power supply is still only available sporadically. For those who do not have access to electricity or where the central supply is inadequate, gasoline-powered generators are used in most cases today, producing large amounts ofCO2.

The new Solar-E-Cycles are intended to help the African regions to produce their electricity decentrally and, above all, cheaply. While many aid organisations are already installing solar panels on African roofs to provide a decentralised supply, the Solar-E-Cycle uses the electricity for its own propulsion. Depending on the amount of sunlight, the bikes have a range of 40-50km per day and produce 3kWh per day. This allows top speeds of 50 kilometres per hour to be reached.