Solar E‑Cycles Kenya Ltd.

We bring togeth­er solar ener­gy, e‑mobility and the Inter­net to pro­vide solu­tions that cre­ate jobs and increase pro­duc­tiv­i­ty while pro­tect­ing the environment.

The so-called Solar-E-Cycles pro­duce their own elec­tric­i­ty with sun­light and offer the rid­er a com­par­a­tive­ly fast and com­fort­able means of trans­port thanks to the E‑push. The bikes are to be used pri­mar­i­ly in more remote regions where pub­lic pow­er sup­ply is still only avail­able spo­rad­i­cal­ly. For those who do not have access to elec­tric­i­ty or where the cen­tral sup­ply is inad­e­quate, gaso­line-pow­ered gen­er­a­tors are used in most cas­es today, pro­duc­ing large amounts ofCO2.

The new Solar-E-Cycles are intend­ed to help the African regions to pro­duce their elec­tric­i­ty decen­tral­ly and, above all, cheap­ly. While many aid organ­i­sa­tions are already installing solar pan­els on African roofs to pro­vide a decen­tralised sup­ply, the Solar-E-Cycle uses the elec­tric­i­ty for its own propul­sion. Depend­ing on the amount of sun­light, the bikes have a range of 40–50km per day and pro­duce 3kWh per day. This allows top speeds of 50 kilo­me­tres per hour to be reached.