Solar Taxi Ltd.

Solar Taxi Ghana is a project initiated by the MasterCard Foundation to alleviate poverty and create employment opportunities for young people while protecting the environment through the use of solar energy to power solar-powered vehicles.

With the support of the MasterCard Foundation, Solar Taxi Ghana has taken critical steps to create economic and environmental impact for Ghanaian communities through the use of clean alternative energy sources for transportation.

Solar Taxi Ghana aims to explore engineering and hardware related avenues to equip women with skills in new technologies, which will further encourage their interest in renewable energy.

These opportunities provide young women with unique educational experiences and a burgeoning network of like-minded individuals seeking social change through innovation.

SolarTaxi has found ways to empower the local community by launching a driver training academy that provides women with extensive training in the operation of electric vehicles, while also providing them with insights into traffic laws, electric vehicle maintenance, and the need for a clean and reliable means of transportation.