Stromdao GmbH is an open source software company that builds and operates a boutique blockchain network for energy market transactions.

Artificial intelligence and blockchain technology create incentives in the form of real-time credits for grid-compliant green electricity consumption. Stromdao uses a public blockchain for its time-dependent, dynamic green electricity product Corrently. The choice for this architecture has been made in an international consortium. The added value and potential of blockchain technology for the energy sector comes from the re-connection of currencies, the so-called “tokens”. In the automatic delivery service of volatile, renewable energy, they allow a temporal decoupling between fulfilled performance and the remuneration of the service.

In the age of fuel-free power generation, blockchain technology makes it relatively easy and at a low cost to build capacity and performance when used later. Blockchain technology enables secure, efficient, seamless and cost-effective monitoring of decentralised green electricity generation and use.

Blockchain technology enables direct consumer-producer relationships with direct billing in the field of energy. It thus has the potential to radically change established conditions in the energy market, from analogue central supply from large-scale power plants to a decentralised, smart energy supply, with maximum data security, transparency and traceability for all market participants.

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