Swobbee GmbH

A replaceable battery for everyone – is the plan of the Berlin start-up Swobbee. The GreenPack batteries are now used as energy suppliers for more than 30 different electromobility alternatives. Batteries are at the heart of electromobility, making the purchase extremely expensive. Thus, it makes sense to establish a rental system that not only saves the customer money, but also provides an always charged battery. The battery stations are distributed in Berlin and accessible at any time.

The concept behind Swobbee is relatively simple, instead of buying batteries for electrically powered devices, they can be borrowed. The batteries are stored and charged in the so-called Swobbee stations and can be replaced by customers for their own empty battery at any time. Ten of these stations exist in Berlin as a test area. To support as many electrically powered devices as possible, Swobbee cooperates with other battery system manufacturers so that a larger customer group can be addressed. So far, the battery systems are supported by GreenPack and Kumpan. Public and easy access, such as at petrol stations, as well as all-day accessibility, make battery replacement extremely easy.

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