TIER Mobility GmbH

TIER Mobility is a new concept that aims to change mobility in our cities for the better. With a fleet of electric scooters, Tier Mobility offers its users complete independence to get around the city in a relaxed and affordable way without harming the environment.

TIER’s new e-scooter model allows users to exchange batteries at charging stations that TIER is setting up in all European cities where the company is active, and receive free rides in return. TIER’s vision is to introduce the same interchangeable battery to all of the company’s vehicles, so that in the future they can all be powered by the same charging network.

The charging stations, located in grocery stores, cafes and other partner locations, are fully automated and require no staff supervision, but can simply be plugged into the power grid without the need for extensive installation. Setting up a charging station does not involve any costs for the partners, as TIER also pays for all the electricity. At the same time, it brings partners new customers, increases sales and reduces the CO2 footprint of customers, which in turn helps the sites achieve their own climate targets. The charging technology used was developed by London-based hardware startup Pushme, which TIER acquired earlier this year.

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