Unleash Future Boats GmbH

Unleash Future Boats GmbH develops visionary small ferries, boats and ships with the schleiboote – emission-free, autonomous, electric. The modular and fully digital schleiboote are technology carriers, test vehicles and small ferries at the same time. As a fully digital boat, it scales between 12 and 30 meters. It has a fully electric drive with fuel cell. This makes long journeys even at higher speeds possible and commercial use is competitive and future-proof due to its long range. The distribution of the sustainable drive, as well as the adaptation of this drive to other boats, we call “Green Boats Engineering” and yields the first of many sources of income.

The fully digital control of the schleiboote allows adaptation to different application scenarios and the adaptation of the boat size. In the basic version, the slingboats can offer intermodal mobility as a small ferry. This means that the slingboats combine and combine various means of transport, such as trains and bicycles. Efficient boarding is possible thanks to a ramp, completely barrier-free for wheelchairs, bicycles and strollers alike. eBikes can be reloaded during the crossing.

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