We simulate and quantify the impact of the next decade’s weather on your investment to give you the best decision-making basis for maximizing future returns. Our risk assessments address the timeframe that matters so you can make the most of your renewable energy assets. is a weather-centric tool for yield and risk analysis of renewable energies. Weather-related fluctuations in energy production are an integral part of future energy systems. Only if we understand these can the energy transition be made sustainable and efficient. We combine machine learning algorithms with consistent weather records from the last 40 years to determine weather dynamics and their effect on energy yield on a site-specific basis. By placing weather-related variability at the heart of the analysis, individual plants, plant portfolios and energy systems can be future-proofed despite future uncertainty.

Charlotte Huang and Joachim Reinhardt founded after realizing the untapped potential of data-driven approaches to energy sector innovation. Prior to founding, they both worked together as data science consultants with clients in biotechnology and engineering.

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