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With our new heating system of the future, you will never get cold again, especially at the window, because with Vestaxx this becomes heating. We are your supplier of special glass panes with very special properties – namely the emission of infrared heat into the (living) room.

The technology is quite simple: the inside of the window pane is provided with a thin metallic layer, which is shot at high pressure on the glass. If you connect the system to the power grid, this layer heats up. The living room-facing pane is heated on the back, the other two panes reflect the radiant energy into the living room by means of an effective glass coating. In addition, two heat functional layers ensure perfect insulation, so that almost no heat is released outside.

Hard to imagine, but the system is not visible in the window; it is clear and transparent, just like any other window. In addition, a nimble fuse (FI) guarantees complete security in every life situation. So if e.B. a football smashes through the disc or any situation overwhelms the system, it is automatically switched off or secured. The heating is individually adjustable to a maximum of 48° and additionally protected by fuses by voltage and temperature protection in the window frame.

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