Virtual Global Trading AG

The company has developed the digital energy exchange platform “eNet” for energy suppliers. eNet offers a novel way for utilities, electricity consumers and prosumers to track their electricity consumption in real time and choose where their electricity comes from and how it is composed (solar, hydro, etc.).

“eNet” uses the daily updated SmartMeter data of the network operator and automatically compares the traded and processed energy data with the systems of the distribution network operator. As soon as “eNet” registers a new SmartMeter, it creates a unique token. With this sophisticated token system, “eNet” provides proof of the energy’s origin. This means that every kilowatt hour produced, traded and stored in the supply area can be traced. VGT has developed and patented this unique token system itself. This means that with the unique energy exchange platform “eNet” a digital trading place is created which enables all participants to react quickly to market developments. This is how a digital ecosystem for energy is developing.

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