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VK Energie is a consulting and service company for the energy industry in the field of virtual power plants. The focus is on CHP and heat storage optimization for energy suppliers and industrial customers who operate combined heat and power plants. With our patented process “Active Heat Storage Management” and the use of artificial intelligence, we increase the efficiency of the systems and realize additional financial revenues for our customers. At the same time, we are advancing the energy transition in Germany and making a contribution to climate protection by saving CO2 emissions.

The business model of VK Energie is to actively manage heat storage with top-of-the-line IT technology and to optimize heat-to-heat coupling systems. The processes developed by VK Energie are patented and have been used by more than 40 customers, most of them from the energy sector, since 2017. The offer of UK Energy is to improve existing plants. Compensation is performance-based because plant operators generate additional revenue. Established software is available for large power plants, but this is uneconomical for use in the many decentralized smaller plants.

The VK Energie solution connects combined heat and power plants in the sense of a smart grid and meets the requirements of the Redispatch 2.0 from October 2021 – i.e. the intervention in the generation capacity of power plants in order to protect the power grid from overload. The software uses the full potential of these plants for the energy transition through forecasting and optimization algorithms based on artificial intelligence. VK Energie optimizes biogas and biomethane plants and thus contributes to increasing the share of CO2-free electricity in the grid. This is at a time when it is most needed, when there is little electricity from wind and sun.

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