VoltStorage GmbH

VoltStorage GmbH from Munich develops innovative power storage systems for photovoltaic systems in private households.

The system is based on Vanadium Redox Flow (VRF) storage technology, which has been successfully used in large storage. VoltStorage GmbH has developed an automated manufacturing process of the required battery cells, which enables the cost-effective use of this technology in private households for the first time worldwide.

Compared to conventional storage solutions made of lithium and lead-sulfuric acid, VoltStorage’s photovoltaic storage system is no longer durable, but also offers higher safety in domestic use and ecologically sustainable production: The recyclable vanadium electrolyte used for the battery is mostly made of pure water and is therefore non-flammable or explosive even under extreme influences or disturbances. Vanadium is also produced with low emissions, as it is produced, among other things, as a by-product in iron production. It is not a Rare Earth and is available in various regions worldwide. Outstanding benefit: VoltStorage GmbH is the only manufacturer on the market to provide a capacity guarantee for the entire lifetime.

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