Zaphiro Technologies SA

Zaphiro helps grid operators ensure resilient electrical grids by mitigating the destabilising effects of decentralised energy resources (DER – renewable energy, electric vehicles, batteries, etc.) and by reducing the impact of power outages (self-healing grids). We combine data from our own or third-party devices to monitor voltage and power flows to the grid at high speed (more than 200x faster than traditional devices).

Automated fault tracking significantly reduces or even prevents power outages (from hours to less than 1 second), resulting in drastic improvements in network reliability and resiliency KPIs (up to 80% reduction in SAIDI). Our innovative and patented fault tracking method is accurate, fast and has already proven itself in real networks. It works for any type of error in each network (fixed grounded, isolated, or compensated mesh) and is even able to detect incipient/intermittent errors. Automated network reconfiguration enables the implementation of the concept of self-healing networks, resulting in increased safety of operators and increased operational efficiency.

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