Zuhu­ra Solu­tions Ltd.

Zuhu­ra Solu­tions is a social enter­prise based in Kenya that aims to inno­vate and inspire the infor­mal food sec­tor for socio-eco­nom­ic change by pro­vid­ing sus­tain­able renew­able ener­gy solu­tions and a data-dri­ven smart ener­gy man­age­ment sys­tem to sup­port street ven­dors in Kenya.

We have devel­oped and suc­cess­ful­ly test­ed our first solu­tion, the Hal­isi Trol­ley. It is pow­ered 100% by solar ener­gy and elim­i­nates the need for char­coal as a cook­ing solu­tion. The cart pro­vides ven­dors with enough ener­gy for cook­ing and light­ing, result­ing in addi­tion­al hours of work, a clean work unit, a place to col­lect waste, a cell phone charg­er, and a data mon­i­tor­ing sys­tem. We are guid­ed by the belief that street food has the abil­i­ty to pro­vide afford­able and nutri­tious food, cre­ate jobs, devel­op local busi­ness oppor­tu­ni­ties and inspire entre­pre­neurs in the infor­mal street food sector.