Bild. Swobbee

Swobbee and World of Lockers team up to open up locations with smart mobility locker services

Berlin-based battery-as-a-service pioneer Swobbee and independent depot provider WORLD OF LOCKERS will collaborate in the future when it comes to developing new attractive locations for smart hubs in cities.

Swobbee’s intelligent battery changing stations and WORLD OF LOCKERS’ versatile depot solutions meet all the demands of future-proof, sustainable, digitalized logistics and transport requirements in urban areas and complement each other. The advantages of these smart hubs, which combine mobility needs with delivery/transportation needs, are short distances and attractive services directly on site in the district where people live and work. In this way, emissions can be effectively saved and costs reduced, and in this way municipalities and companies can be supported in the energy turnaround. Attractive new business models emerge for location partners, while the limited space in the city is used efficiently.

Swobbee is the central fueling station for the booming small electric vehicle market. The GreenTech startup closes the charging infrastructure gap in micromobility, offering an efficient, open-vendor solution for charging and swapping batteries of e-small vehicle fleets. WORLD OF LOCKERS is the first independent depot provider to develop and operate modern 24/7 delivery and pick-up stations that can be easily adapted to different requirements, even cooled or heated if needed. WORLD OF LOCKERS parcel / service stations are “open for all”, for logisticians, companies, as well as private individuals and can therefore be used for countless applications.

Individualized services, short distances and sustainable mobility characterize the city of tomorrow. The innovative smart hub services of Swobbee and WORLD OF LOCKERS make all this possible and complement each other perfectly.”Tobias Breyer, co-founder and head of marketing at Swobbee, emphasizes.

Siegfried Tom Zein, Founder and CEO of WORLD OF LOCKERS, adds: “We are excited to announce that Swobbee and WORLD OF LOCKERS will be going together to revolutionize the last mile. We at WORLD OF LOCKERS are looking forward to the collaboration and are excited about the time ahead together!”