SWOBBEE becomes a member of the Swapable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium (SBMC)

Berlin-based green tech startup Swobbee is a new member of the Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium (SBMC). Established in 2021, this international battery consortium aims to promote common industrial specifications to accredited public standards bodies to develop global standards for electric motorcycles and light electric vehicles. This makes small electric vehicle batteries more economical and resource-saving, and – even more importantly – increases customer comfort at the same time. It is also another step towards creating an efficient and sustainable battery swap infrastructure. Swobbee will actively support this process in the coming years with its special experience in the development of exchangeable batteries and intelligent exchange stations.

Swobbee is the world’s first multi-vendor battery swap infrastructure with a multi-modal approach for the entire micromobility sector.The Berlin-based Battery-as-a-Service pioneers emerged from the company GreenPack, which has developed a standardized portable battery that is already being used in numerous small electric vehicles and other electricity-based applications. Tobias Breyer, Head of Marketing and co-founder of Swobbee, explains, “We are convinced that our many years of practical experience in the areas of battery swap infrastructure and system configuration of battery technology will enable us to make a valuable contribution to the development of a performance battery that is compatible with a wide range of vehicles.”