The Next2Sun Group continues to grow

The youngest member of Next2Sun GmbH, Next2Sun Projekt GmbH, was founded this year and focuses on the development of vertical bifacial agri-photovoltaic plants in Germany. The Agri-Photovoltaic business segment is one of the most important megatrends in the national and international photovoltaic market. In Germany in particular, significant decisions are currently taking place for future market development: With the EEG amendment 2021, Agri-Photovoltaic has been added to the innovation tender segment and is to be particularly supported in the coming years. In the spring, a DIN specification for agri-photovoltaics will be published, which provides a regulatory framework for this segment. The first federal states are currently preparing the exclusive, land-planning opening of agricultural land for agri-photovoltaic plants.

We take this very positive development of the general conditions as an opportunity to bundle our activities in this segment in Next2Sun Projekt GmbH and expand them nationwide. Next2Sun Projekt GmbH takes over the complete project pipeline of Next2Sun GmbH as well as the experienced development team, which has been developing sustainable agri-photovoltaic projects since 2015. Our goal here is to use our starting advantage as a pioneer in agri-photovoltaics and the advantages of our concept with regard to the compatibility of agriculture, ecology and energy production in order to establish ourselves as one of the main players in the segment of agri-photovoltaics in Germany. The offer of Next2Sun Projekt GmbH is aimed at farmers & owners as well as project promoters who want to draw on in-depth knowledge in the development of Agri-PVA under construction law.

The company Next2Sun GmbH was founded in order to realize a completely new photovoltaic system concept. The result is an innovative agri-photovoltaic system that combines agricultural use and solar electricity production economically on the same area. The basic principle of the concept is the vertical arrangement of solar modules that can use sunlight from both the front and the back (“bifacial” solar modules). The two active sides are oriented to the east and west. The areas between the module rows can continue to be used for agriculture and emerging flowering strips offer space especially for the endangered insect world and many bird species.

As long-standing actors in the energy transition and experienced project developers, we are attracted by the wide range of different applications and the almost worldwide applicability of our new concept. We see the fascinating opportunity to establish an innovative concept as a new building block in the renewable energy mix of the future. We operate locally from locations in Berlin, Freiburg im Breisgau, Merzig an der Saar and Koblenz am Rhein – for the global energy transition.

The new subsidiary Next2Sun Projekt GmbH takes over the development of AgriPV projects in Germany as an independent unit. Next2Sun Mounting Systems GmbH offers the frame system developed by Next2Sun for vertical bifacial AgriPV systems to national and international customers and distributes the bifacial solar fence based on Next2Sun technology.