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TWAICE pro­vides war­ran­ty on bat­tery SOH forecasts

Reli­able insights help OEMs & fleet oper­a­tors run their bus­es and trucks more effi­cient­ly. Accu­rate fore­casts help these com­pa­nies find the appro­pri­ate answers to busi­ness-crit­i­cal ques­tions such as:

  • Which bus can I use for which route? How does it change in sum­mer or winter?
  • How can I reduce the num­ber of cost­ly bat­tery per­for­mance checks?
  • When is the best time to replace the bat­tery in my bus and how can I increase the resid­ual val­ue of my battery?

Fail­ure to answer these ques­tions with cor­rect infor­ma­tion can have very cost­ly con­se­quences. A reli­able SOH is often the most impor­tant and deci­sive KPI that allows to give the right answers to these questions.

Pre­cise­ly because fore­casts are so fun­da­men­tal to e‑fleet oper­a­tions, TWAICE has decid­ed to guar­an­tee the per­for­mance of TWAICE SOH esti­mates. If TWAICE’s bat­tery health esti­mate dif­fers by more than 2%, cus­tomers will be com­pen­sat­ed at 8 times the amount paid to TWAICE.

On Octo­ber 12, 2022, TWAICE, in part­ner­ship with Munich Re, invites you to join us for a webi­nar start­ing at 5 p.m. around the TWAICE Bat­tery Health Fore­cast and how it improves oper­a­tions and deci­sion-mak­ing for man­u­fac­tur­ers and fleet oper­a­tors. To reg­is­tra­tion