Use of smart meters in health and care monitoring systems

Have you ever wondered about using smart meters outside of traditional applications in smart energy and smart city projects? A new report by the independent think tank 2020health for social enterprises examines how smart meters can be used to remotely monitor vulnerable members of society and improve social services.

“Our report on the smart future of healthcare explores how smart energy data can or can be used to remotely monitor health and well-being. We are looking at opportunities in three major areas: support for assisted living in the area, screening and support at the population level, and self-monitoring. The report also takes into account the synergies and opportunities of research in the field of energy health and the implementation of solutions on a large scale.

Despite promising proposals and convincing demonstration of technological potential, research and development in the field of the use of smart meters in health and care contexts is still in its early stages. The lack of progress worldwide, especially in the context of health surveillance, may be partly due to the failure of government and institutional funding to recognize the specific multidisciplinary requirements for rigorous clinical research with intelligent energy data and machine learning. Research projects often end in an isolated area, either in the energy or health sectors. To demonstrate scalability in the real world and clinical validity, projects require collaboration between computer science, engineering, energy, and healthcare.”

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