VERBUND uses TWAICE software for optimal operation of its stationary battery storage systems

VERBUND, Austria’s leading energy company, uses TWAICE’s analysis software for battery-powered electricity storage applications. The TWAICE Operating Strategy Planner simulates the impact of different operating strategies on battery aging and gives storage operators an advantage in the volatile market of power generation and marketing. Predicting and evaluating battery aging through TWAICE’s analysis software also reduces the risk of violating warranty terms.

Achieving predictability and profitability in a dynamic but risk-averse market requires transparency across all contributing factors. With the help of TWAICE’s holistic battery analytics, all players along the energy value chain, i.e. operators, plant owners and integrators of battery storage systems, can better manage their challenges and optimize storage design and operating strategies. The clearer the view of the exact condition of the electricity storage system, its remaining lifetime and future performance, the more accurate future strategies can be developed.

With TWAICE’s Operating Strategy Planner, VERBUND can overview the relevant KPIs, upload user-defined load profiles, retrieve predefined profiles and export the data resulting from the analyses. This insight into battery aging enables VERBUND to accurately estimate costs and to choose the most profitable operating strategy rather than the one with the highest sales. The software also enables VERBUND to continuously monitor the actual battery ageing and to take countermeasures in good time if the storage capacity or performance deviates from the ideal.

The stress factor analysis of the operational strategy planner also provides valuable insights for the development of next generation storage. With the new evidence base, VERBUND achieves greater flexibility and economic efficiency.