Voltfang secures the participation of two business angels

Voltfang has completed the first part of its pre-seed round with a six-figure investment from 2 business angels. The company integrates used electric car batteries into storage systems – entirely according to the 2nd-life principle. The Voltfang home storage system is used to store the surplus solar energy produced during the day and to use it at night, for example for the television or the washing machine.

“The addition of the first two business angels with years of experience in the startup and high-tech industries is instrumental in helping us further develop our flexible home storage solution. Until our seed round, we have held additional shares to accommodate business angels with particular experience and network in the automotive industry, battery technology and venture capital. During this period, we will develop our second-life storage solution to production readiness, certify it and conduct further pilot projects. The seed round will then be used to finance the start of small-scale production. Together with our customers and partners, we want to contribute to averting the climate crisis by storing renewable energy sustainably.” (Voltfang founding team (L.t.R. Afshin Doostdar, David Oudsandji, Roman Alberti)