With the new EEG, PV power generation must become cheaper and smarter – ampere.cloud and Stadtwerke Zeitz are showing the way

(press release) The new EEG law has not yet come into force, but it is already creating great uncertainty for the further expansion of renewable energies in Germany. Enertec company ampere.cloud and Stadtwerke Zeitz (SWZ) are now collaborating on the direct delivery of tenant electricity and the use of smart and cost-efficient technologies. Both companies are thus demonstrating a way in which PV power generation can have an economically viable future under the new EEG amendment.

Alternative and future-proof technologies such as those from ampere.cloud decisively cushion the increase in costs for energy producers: Enertec ampere.cloud provides the control technology and the complete operating system for the tenant power systems of Stadtwerke Zeitz – from a single source. With their cooperation, both companies have taken a decisive step in anticipation of the developments under the new EEG amendment. “Municipal utilities continue to play an important role in municipal power supply. Increasingly, however, we have to look for innovative ways to be competitive in terms of price. In the cooperation with ampere.cloud, we are now ahead of the game,” says Heike Wolff-Georgi, Sales Manager at SWZ.

“With their cooperation, ampere.cloud and Stadtwerke Zeitz are taking an important joint step towards the further digitalization of municipal electricity providers and their success under the new EEG. ampere.clouds are both pillars for the energy transition: the first uniform operating system for all Ecotec systems and the low-cost technology for direct marketing of electricity. With this, we will of course also support other municipal utilities in their implementation of the energy transition,” says Florian Strunck, CEO of ampere.cloud.

For years, municipal utilities have been in fierce competition with supra-regional electricity suppliers such as EON, Vattenfall and EnBW for customers for their energy supply. The amendment to the Renewable Energy Sources Act will further intensify competition, as it provides for the use of expensive special technology. This retrofitting with metering and control technology in PV systems must inevitably lead to an increase in electricity generation costs. This affects the smaller municipal electricity suppliers in particular. “This political loophole in the new EEG inevitably leads to customer losses if there is no technical solution to absorb the price increase. ampere.cloud has this solution,” says Florian Strunck.

About ampere.cloud:

The company ampere cloud was founded in April 2019 by Florian Strunck (CEO), Frederik Merz (CTO) and Erik Nitschke (CCO) in Berlin. With its novel operating system, it is an innovative technology partner for all operators of green energy plants. It helps them to run a cloud-based energy management, fail-safe, cost-efficient and technically up-to-date. Partners from the very beginning are the Berlin-based Kintlein & Ose GmbH & Co KG and the QCells Group. Since the end of 2020, ampere.cloud has also been a direct marketer of green energy through its partner EnBW. ampere.cloud is certified by TÜV Hessen (iso9001) and TÜV Rheinland (VDE4110 and 4120).

About Stadtwerke Zeitz:

Stadtwerke Zeitz GmbH was founded in 1991. The company is active in the business areas of electricity, gas and heat as well as drinking water and waste water and offers innovative energy solutions from photovoltaics to heating concepts. Zeitzer Stadtwerke is a reliable partner for digital and infrastructural solutions in the region. They employ around 100 staff and trainees. The shareholders of Stadtwerke Zeitz GmbH are the city of Zeitz, Gelsenwasser AG and envia Mitteldeutsche Energie AG. More at www.stadtwerke-zeitz.de

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