About Startup|Energy

Startup|Energy is a joint ini­tia­tive of the Uni­ver­si­ty of Freiburg and the Solar Ener­gy Foun­da­tion (Freiburg) to pro­mote region­al and inter­na­tion­al exchanges between start-ups in the field of decen­tralised, renew­able ener­gy supply.

Cli­mate change and resource scarci­ty demand decen­tral­ized, renew­able ener­gy sys­tems and smart solu­tions world­wide. This requires con­stant inno­va­tion, embed­ded in local con­texts, to achieve the great­est impact. Star­tups solve the chal­lenges of a decen­tral­ized, renew­able ener­gy sup­ply out of their own context.

Startup|Energy pro­motes the devel­op­ment of start-ups in the field of decen­tral­ized renew­able ener­gy sup­ply and sup­ports their exchange with each oth­er and with each oth­er in two regions:

  • D‑A-CH: Ger­many, Aus­tria, Switzerland
  • East African Com­mu­ni­ty: Burun­di, Kenya, Rwan­da, South Sudan, Tan­za­nia, Uganda

This is not about the one-sided trans­fer of knowl­edge, but about an equal exchange of ideas and solu­tions for the respec­tive region.

A project for the exchange of knowl­edge between two continents

As dif­fer­ent as the ini­tial sit­u­a­tion and the expe­ri­ences of local start-ups in Ger­many and East Africa are, it com­bines a com­mon con­cern: clean and secure ener­gy sup­ply through decen­tralised, renew­able ener­gies. The diver­si­ty of expe­ri­ences is quite an advan­tage, but it is not yet suf­fi­cient­ly used for start-up sup­port to cre­ative­ly devel­op new approach­es and solu­tions for the respec­tive markets.

The goal: To learn from oth­er local con­texts for your own start­up idea.